Occupational Medicine Hampton Roads Urgent CareFor workers injured in the course of employment, there may be nothing so complicated – or so intimidating – as the system that must be navigated before relief can be achieved. The relief such patients seek is as much from the physical pain endured as from the labyrinth of rules that regulate compensation in such cases. For the employer, that same situation represents an employee impaired from performing his duties – and thus reduced efficiencies. For those employers, the goal is always to restore the worker first to health, and then to productivity.

How Hampton Roads Urgent Care Helps

Hampton Roads Urgent Care supports both workers and employers by unraveling these rules and regulations, and by providing optimum care for patients with orthopaedic injuries. Today, Dr. Michael Baddar is the medical directors of HRUC’s Workers’ Compensation Program.

One of the program’s most powerful assets is its Disability and Legal Administrator, Tania Wessells. Her expertise and experience in the area of Workers’ Compensation law have contributed greatly to HRUC’s reputation for knowledge and integrity.

Wessells elaborates: ”There are three disparate entities involved in any workers’ compensation claim: the injured employee, the employer and the treating physician. And there are many different aspects to each claim, each more complex than the next. If you’re not familiar with them, it can seem impenetrable, like a cobweb.” Understanding those diverse aspects and keeping up with the laws that govern them have been Wessells’ area of expertise for many years.

The HRUC doctors want to fully understand the legality of Workers’ Compensation claims, Wessells emphasizes, because ”they always want to be sure that their evaluations are fair and impartial.”

Learn more about navigating the maze of Workers’ Compensation from the occupational medicine services at Hampton Roads Urgent Care.