heat exhaustionWhile most of us are happy to be having the refreshing, warm spring weather, but we aren’t so happy about the common spring ailments that come along with the spring weather. With the warm weather you want to be outside but your risk of lyme disease can be increased because of the warmer, rainy weather is the preference for deer ticks.  

Spring doesn’t just include seasonal allergies you would expect, but it also the second peak season for the common cold. Colds and seasonal allergies can trigger asthma.

Common Ailments:

      1. Allergies

  • Spring allergies can begin as early as February. Be as proactive about treating your allergies with         antihistamines, allergy medication or a nasal decongestant.

       2. Common Cold

  • Spring is the second peak season for the common cold or rhinoviruses. The best methods for preventing the common cold including washing your hands regularly, avoid touching your face and avoid contact with anyone who is sick.

         3. Asthma

  • Asthma can be triggered by the common spring ailments like allergies, temperature changes, fertilizers and more. It is always best to consult your doctor when the seasons change to be sure you are being proactive.

          4. Sports Injuries

  • With the new season means that the spring sports are beginning. It’s always a good to pay attention to field conditions and make sure it is a safe surface to play and practice on. Make sure your equipment is appropriate for your size. Start off slow and always take time for a cool down. Above all else, remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

If you need help with dealing with any of these spring ailments then stop by Hampton Roads Urgent Care.