lifestyle choiceWe are often faced with having to make lifestyle choices that ultimately affect our health. When it comes to choosing between certain foods, beverages, or daily tasks, there is usually a healthier option between the two. Nobody is saying to suffer each day and eat a plane kale salad and run a marathon, but at the same time there are simple alternatives we can choose that are better for us. To learn a few healthy tips, keep reading!

Water Over Sodas and Sugary Fruit Juices

Whether you are grocery shopping or out to lunch with coworkers, you are faced with having to make a choice. Often times the plentiful options can make it extremely hard to choose. For example, have you been to the movie theatre lately? You are now able to get unlimited refills at no extra charge. The soda machine provides combinations that could go on for days! With all of that being said, the moral of this is whether it’s a fruit juice, fruit cocktail, diet soda, regular soda, water is still the best option! Water provides your body with proper hydration, has 0 sugar and lacks excess calories. It’s often times free as well when ordering at restaurants. If the taste of water gets boring, you can add flavor to it by throwing in some lemon, limes, berries, or even cucumber!  

Dark Chocolate over Milk Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? When making choices on the candy aisle, there are always better options than others. For example, when choosing between candy bars, go for the dark chocolate option! Dark chocolate actually has some health benefits including being beneficial for ones heart and has antioxidants. That’s not to say that dark chocolate should become your main diet choice, but it’s definitely a healthier option when speaking about candy.  

Whole Grains over White

Anyone who eats whole grain products can vouch that they probably didn’t like it after the first bite. After a few sandwiches on whole grain bread, pasta dishes with whole grain penne, or Chipotle burrito bowls with brown rice instead of white, they probably didn’t notice the difference. Not only do you get used to the taste, but you gain a good source of fiber, B vitamins, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Stairs over Elevator

Whether you are at work or school, shopping, or in your apartment complex- you may have the option to take an elevator. Sure the elevator may seem more fun and convenient, but it reduces the numbers of steps one could be taking. Stair climbing throughout the day can very much add up, increasing the amount of calories burned and physical activity intake. So next time you are faced with having to choose between taking the stairs or elevator, don’t forget about the perks stairs can bring into your physical health!